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Custom Designs
Specialized Inflatable Buildings.
Purpose made Emergency Response shelters.
Fall arrest Platforms.
Inspection platforms.
Void Formers.
Special purpose inflatable Pipe plugs.
Inflatable ligting and suspension devices.
Inflatable lifting and support Air beams.
High pressure inflatable products.
Inflate and seal inflatables.

The majority of our projects
are custom designed to
our clients needs!



Our design teams, include architects, industrial designers and engineers
and have been responding to clients requirements from all sectors of industry. Our state of the art factory and worldwide network of suppliers allow us to bring you cutting edge technologies as well as trusted tested and conventional and hybrid solutions to your needs to improve productivity while being environmentally responsible.
The solutions we have developed with our clients have consistently met their Safety and OH&S standards as well as meeting their KPI’s [ Key Performance Indicators]
We develop these experiences with our ultimate aim to share it in ways that will add value for our clients. Each project has a process that is being constantly upgraded in order that we understand our clients needs better every time, and form a trusting relationship in which our clients understand the entire process and can stay in control and informed of the required outcome throughout that process.
There is a standard process for every project either a custom design or supply of off the shelf product.
A clients request is questioned and analyzed in order that we feel confidant we understand the requirement and then we offer a follow up which puts in simple terms our understanding of what is required.
We then scope the project and offer some in principal solutions, and cost the options. This is done is simple terms in order that the client fully understands issues of production and operation.
We insist on feedback which helps our client build confidence in our ability to empathies with their needs and requirements and allows us to share a full brief with our team.
From this point we offer sketches, computer generated 3D models and technical drawing as required in order that we can receive an order for the agreed project, with all parties knowing the outcome including timeline and support.
The entire production process is open to client’s queries at all times and timelines and stages are prepared with respect to supply deadlines.
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