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Debris Protection
FDAPs Falling Debris Arrest platforms.
Inflatable Blast Screens
Elevator Shaft Plugs
Mine Vent and Shaft Cushions
When your risk assessment has been done and there is danger of loose and unidentified debris falling on crews working below then overhead protection needs to be in place to save their lives.
We design a range of tested to destruction, Custom made Inflatable
Falling Debris Protection Platforms and Cushions that can be deployed
remotely and in safety to protect your valuable assets and save lives.
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There are times when The OH&S regulations insist that vessels and voids are completely safe from any object that may fall from height and cause injury. Tools, building materials, screws and fasteners, and other objects can also fall from height and damage property and expensive machinery and equipment.
Building scaffolding and massive protection is not always a viable, practical or safe option. Inflatable Falling debris Protection Platforms offer a cost effective, quickly deployable and extremely versatile option