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Inflatable plug
We supply a wide range of inflatable pipe plugs, flow stoppers and duct and vent balloons.
These products are specifically designed to restrict fluid flow either liquids or gasses in a quick, simple, labour efficient and cost effective manner. All our inflatable pipe plugging products are designed to be used with very little equipment other then that needed to inflate them. Specialist knowledge is not needed in their safe operation and they are all supplied with a set of concise and simply worded operation instructions.
Pipeline and sewer testing plugs are made to conform to Australian and International din standards for such testing. [contact us for advise,further information or get a free quote]
The range we offer covers.....
 Inflatable Pipe plugs

- Municipal testing of new and repaired pipelines.
- Blocking water /sewage flows during maintenance, modifications
- Blocking dam, reservoir, & storage tanks, outlet and inlet pipes for
  leak testing 
and repair.
- Restricting, diverting and bypassing flow in pipes for modification or   
  during maintenance or testing.

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Inflatable Stoppers, Inflatable pipe ends and Pipe Terminators.

- Capping or blocking ends of pipes to prevent dirt and contaminates  
  from entering pipes while construction or maintenance operations are 
  carried out.
- Keeping the pipelines free of dirt.
- Blocking a pipe that needs welding, so that it can be purged of air and 
  flooded with inert gas for quality welding during construction and 

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Plug Up 
Plug up is the ultimate isolation plug- click here
Plug Up Isolation plugs have 100s of uses in closing, isolating, stopping, plugging and restricting low pressure flow, in all shape and sized plugs, ducts, tunnels and voids. They are also used to block off pipes and ducts during maintenance so that tools and fasteners cannot be dropped into inaccessible places causing expensive shutdowns.

Duct and vent balloons
- Reduce maintenance costsand downtime.
- Blocking air ducts for maintenance in ventilation and cooling systems.
- Replacement for conventional Timber and plastic barriers
- Reusable duct blocking used in running construction or maintenance.
- Applications in Boilers, Gas Turbines with HRSG [heat recovering 
  steam Generators] Stack dampers, coal fired power plants, mine 
  shafts and mine vents.
- Louver Damper failure in SCR [ Selective Catalytic Reduction 
  equipment ] applications.
- Safe filter replacement in cyclones 

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