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Portable workshops
Portable inflatable shelters are those which can easily and efficiently be moved and reused time and again. They require little site preparation and can generally be set up on any substrate.

There are 2 distinct design types of portable Inflatable Shelters.

1 - Inflatable Frame structures or Inflatable frame Shelters
2 - InflatableDouble skin or InflatableCollinear Cell Structures.

Inflatable Frame Structures or Inflatable Frame Buildings are fully enclosed lightweight structures that comprise of an inflatable frame substructure, supporting a roofing cover sheet or skin. Ideally suited to the creation of temporary space where high levels of portability and cost are an important requirement.
When inflated it forms a comfortable well illuminated interior space. These shelters can be inflated with a fan or can be produced to inflate and seal in a similar fashion to an inflatable boat or car tyre. Our design team will customize or custom design an inflatable frame shelter that will be perfectly matched to your needs and budget.
Our Range ofEzy Shelter inflatable frame structures are designed to be extremely portable, and ideal for short duration use.They  are erected for a specific job on site or in the field then deflated packed away and moved to the next site.Ezy Shelter is made in 3 standard models – EzS3030- 3m x 3m, EzS6030-6mx3m, & EzS6045- 6m x 4.5m
Inflatable Double Skin or Co-linear Cell Inflatable Structures are characterized by the entire skin or cover becoming fully inflated and structural. This design of inflatable building forms an insulating layer around the space. These types of Inflatable buildings lend themselves to being ideally suited for temporary space requirements. They inflate quickly and pack away into very compact sizes for easy transportation.
Our designs are always based on sound architectural principals, with the spaces always spacious and comfortable well though out with extra convenience and durability built in. Climate and illumination control are always an available option and space attenuation and division part of the thought process.
Typical uses are for Temporary Warehousing, Site Workshops, Display and Demonstration, Exhibition Halls, Field Hospitals, Triage Centers ,Site Offices, Emergency Response Buildings, Command and Control centers and specialized surface laying enclosures.
The double skin construction offers advantageous insulating properties as well as superior stability. Modern computer based design and construction methods now allow total flexibility in the form of the structure.
This makes this type of structure the ideal technology when the functional requirements need to dictate the form. These designs lend themselves to be joined together to form larger interconnected groupings of space when required.
The range Standard Modular sizes inflatable buildings are supplied in 4m,6m,10m & 20m lengths and in widths from 4m to 12m wide.
Our experienced and architect friendly designers and engineers will customize or custom design an inflatable structure that will be perfectly matched to your needs and budget.
Variations of this structure are also used for specialized applications.
These include surface laying contractors who need to have a controlled
dry environment that can cover a work area and be worked day and night
in all weather conditions giving them an economical and time saving advantage.

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