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Inflatable Walls


Inflatable partitions.
inflatable space dividers.
Inflatable Closers.
Inflatable Quarantine Walls.
Inflatable Billboards.
Inflatable Screens.
Inflatable Barriers.
Inflatable sound barriers and attenuators.
Self supporting inflatable structures.


Inflatable walls are self supporting inflatable structures that almost instantly fit to a built form or morph within existing spaces with ease and comfort. The total prefabrication of almost any conceivable form of inflatable space divider, leads to a utility and seamless modification or space upgrade. This economy is easily achieved without expensive disruptions and without cost intensive modifications to existing structures.
The use of inflatable wall technology has given environmentally responsible building designers and managers the opportunity to
implement large energy and cost savings and improved investor returns.
It has been demonstrated that immediate
benefits are...

Improved utilization of the space.
Savings on heating and cooling costs.
Improved lighting conditions [and associated costs] when compared to other options.
Improved user comfort
Decreased turnover of leases.
Higher returns on investment.
Extended usage seasons.
Common uses of inflatable walls are both the modifying and controlling of spaces. Often utilized within public and urban spaces such as malls and piazzas, sports and school halls as well as religious buildings and factory and storage spaces, these inflatable products are effective and economical choices. Inflatable walls and Inflatable partitions are also often used for job specific roles in industry.
All inflatable walls are built to client specifications and have many uses as Inflatable Space dividers and Inflatable Closers, Inflatable temporary Partitions to existing large spaces, Inflatable Quarantine walls and Inflatable Billboards, Inflatable Screens and Barriers.
Inflatable walls are designed and constructed using various methods and can be built using materials that specifically compliment their purpose.
Using clear and transparent material these inflatable structures can quietly and unobtrusively become part of the space or can be made to meet demanding roles, as an example within a mine of aircraft hanger using heat resistant noise absorbing and very tough materials.
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