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1300inflate outstanding achievement1300inflate outstanding achievement
The Inflatable Industrial Solutions Specialists


We are Australia’s leading supplier of.....
Inflatable Industrial Products
That Make work easy!!!!!

We design, engineer and supply a vast range of products for all sectors
of industry. The products we supply are based on tested and reliable
systems that are in every day use throughout the world.
Our international
award winning designs have been shown to add major benefits that
improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

Portable Shelters
Ezy Shelter....

"The ultimate take anywhere inflatable work
profit centre in a bag"
Increasing your opportunities, saving time and making your work easier
is a sure way of making bigger profits in your business. The Ezy Shelter
range of portable workstations fulfills the mission critical need to do your
work on site at your customer or away from your base. Operating when
ever you need to, independent of the weather with your own portable
space, in a safe and controlled environment is all you need in order to
make your working day completely effective. Why not make an Easy
Shelter portable space your opportunity to be a savvy leader?
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Temporary & Modular  Buildings
Inflatable Temporary Buildings and Modular Buildings are reusable,environmentally sustainable
products that have replaced the prefabricated temporary and labour intensive buildings systems of
TemporaryBuildings and Temporary Shelters are custom designed
inflatable structures that are self supporting, simple to erect on any surface, completely reusable
without any waste and cost effective to produce and operate. This form of structure can be designed to
achieve your required objectives and meet important KPI’s [Key performance indicators].
In order to meet these specific needs they may take on many forms.
The  range of Modular Buildings are designed as Inflatable clear span structures produced in standard
sizes which  allow for simple expansion
of the space at
a later stage without the re-engineering the unit.

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Temporary Structures
Temporary Structures describe a wide range of inflatable products
of any shape and size, designed and built or modified to the task specific
needs of our clients.. They include award winning Inflatable walls and Inflatable space dividers,
Towers and pylons,
Air supported buildings, inspection and safety platforms, void formers, plugs and
molds as well as various flow stopping applications in mine shafts, and large
air and fume
The nature of Inflatable structures means that they are extremely compact when in storage, are
portable, and can be reused time after time. The setup requirements are minimal and can
usually be made operational
with very little labor.
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Inflatable walls
Inflatable walls, space dividers, partitioning systems and quarantining
screens and barriers have been use in the built environment and industry
for many and varied
applications. Our award winning Inflatable wall
designs, custom products and innovative systems have demonstrated that
this technology has many environmental and cost benefits to the user.
Inflatable walls are self supporting and therefore are easy to
install and operate. Due to their nature of having a very lightweight footprint
and often being independent
of existing structures they don’t require the
same level of onerous and costly professional regulatory documentation
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Safety and Maintenance
Having worked with some of Australia’s most reputable and admired companies, we understand the need for
Inflatable safety products that can meet the most rigorous standards. Inflatable Safety and inflatable
maintenance products
are uniquely suited to this area of industrial applications. They can be packed away
in a compact manner when not in use and can if required be remotely or rapidly deployed when the need arises.
Our team of engineers and designers are uniquely experienced to offer advise and customized solutions that will
save time money and lives and speed up critical maintenance operations.
Our range of products include:-  Pipe plugs and Flow stoppers used in the pipeline building   and emergency
response industry, Falling Debris Arrest Cushions [FDAC’sor FISP’s] which are used to protect service crew from
overhead falling debris in mine shafts or furnace vessels. Duct Balloons for air and fume control as well as
applications in pollution control and Selective Catalytic Reduction equipment [SCR] devises.
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