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1300 inflate is an industry leading consulting company providing specialised engineered solutions using cutting edge inflatable technologies. 

We solve complex industrial issues using simple and effective solutions, reducing costs, time and labour while guaranteeing maximised return on investment.


1300 inflate replaces the conventional with the extraordinary. Our industrial solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and controls.


With over 20 years of local and international experience across a range of industries, 1300’s team prides itself on working in collaboration with all aspects of your organisation.  Costs, labour and time reduction is at the forefront of all our solutions while focusing on safety, compliance and industry leading efficiency.  Our solutions go beyond your expectations.


We have over 10 years of experience working with multinational corporations and from the smallest to the largest companies in Australia, such as Siemens and Origin Energy, we add, safety, compliance and value while reducing cost, time and labour.


We make understanding your business our business, so we can provide you with an excellent service from the Ground Up.





Our Specialization

  • Safety
      • Wind-weather ratings
      • Deployment
      • Certifications
      • Risk management
      • Hazard management
      • Air filtration
      • Recycling
      • Noise


  • Minimising costs and maximising ROI
      • Saving time
      • Saving labour
  • Correct product technology type
      • sealed inflatable vs constant air
  • Dealing with contamination
      • Soil
      • Materials
      • Gases
      • Chemicals
      • Dust
      • Particulate
      • Heat
      • Noise


  • Working in dangerous spaces
      • Potential falling objects
      • Water in pipes
      • Heat
      • Cold
      • Noise
      • Chemicals
      • Dust
      • Gases