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Choose Your Supplier

When looking for a supplier who can build you a reliable, quality assured and reasonably priced custom designed inflatable product..... making the correct choice of your inflatable supplier is a critical decision. Choosing the wrong company could lead to financial disaster and damage to your reputation.

If you choose the right company, you will feel comfortable and welcome, from your first communications with us. You will soon see that the company has only your interests at heart and will be giving you free advice based on many years of experience gained in working with a wide range of inflatable products and the clients and workers that use them.
So the question becomes, “how can I make sure the inflatables company I work with is up to scratch?” To assist you in your decision making we have created a list of 7 simple questions.The answers to these questions will help you quickly find an inflatables company that will deliver the end results you are looking for.

Question #1: Please show me successful project you have 
                    worked on in the past?
Question #2: What systems and procedures do you follow to 
                    ensure my project runs smoothly 
                    and the inflatable is safe and compliant?
Question #3: How can you help me develop and realize the 
                    appropriate solution to my needs?
Question #4: How much experience do you have with the 
                    inflatable products?
Question #5: What is your background?
Question #6: Can you provide me with technical drawings and 
                    visualizations of what you propose before we proceed?
Question #7: Do you guarantee the quality and accuracy of your 
                    Inflatable products?

How does 1300 inflate stack up?
We have won international acclaim for some of our projects. Our latest award, Winner of the 2007 IFAI Outstanding Achievement Award is a result of an Inflatable Wall design
we produced for Federation Square – Melbourne Australia.

Question #1:
Please show me successful project you have worked
on in the past?

We have worked with many large companies over the l
ast 9 years including….

Visy Recycling
National Foods
Coca Cola Amital
Federation Square
Cricket Australia
V8 Supercar franchise
WCRWP Gibson Island Alliance
ANZ bank
And hundreds of others.

Question #2:
What systems and procedures do you follow to ensure my project runs smoothly and the inflatable is safe to operate and compliant?
When you put your project into our hands, we walk through 16 years in the making of a 27 step check list to ensure the project is completed without a hitch. Many of the products we supply are rated to international ISO standards. Everything is looked at including, quality and availability of materials, accuracy of the design, addressing potential problems before they can happen, local and international regulations governing the particular product and its use, production staging, and testing.

Question #3:

How can you help me develop and realize the appropriate solution to my needs?
As the person in charge of the success of a project, it’s not always your job to know how to make or design the inflatables to ensure the success of your project. You want to work with a company who has the hands on experience and the ability to give you ideas on how to ensure you reach your targets and get the most out of your project.
All you need to do is come to us with a vague idea of what you’re looking to achieve and how you’re looking to achieve it. We’ve built thousands of inflatables over the years, everything from 30 meter high pylons, 3000 m2 warehouses, flotation bladders, and walls, inflatable and remotely installed falling debris protection cushions, specialized booths, inflatable void formers, sealed air beams, inflatable moulds and much other inflatable purpose designed and made products.
As part of our service, we’re more than happy to conduct a brainstorming session with you and your team where you can draw on our many years of hands on experience and achieve the solution which best suits you.
All the proposals we make are computer modeled in 3D in order to make sure you understand and can visualize what we will supply.

Question #4:
How much experience do you have with the inflatable products?
If you required brain surgery or perhaps a heart transplant, who would you be most likely to trust? The guy fresh out of college or the guy who had operated on over a thousand patients throughout a forty year career?
Obviously, it goes without saying that experience is the key to success in any field of endeavor. And the inflatables business is no different. With experience comes the ability to ensure your project runs smoothly, avoid potential pitfalls, and make sure what’s delivered supports the requirements and achieves your preset performance indicators.
I have over 28 years of production and design experience and our staff and trusted international partners have been involved for many years in every aspect of inflatables business. I have worked with thousands of businesses over that period and can draw from my years of experience to ensure you get the exact result and continued support you are looking for.

Question #5:
What is your background?

Creating inflatables is a detailed process. Firstly: your exact requirements need to be very clear prior to doing anything. You may need help in clarifying exactly what you need and how inflatables can achieve your objectives.
Second: All the potential problems need to be thought through. For example, if you are working remotely: How will you power the product? How will you store the inflatables beforehand? How will you move and deploy them. Are there any OH & S issues? Are there any other implications? (for example, last year when we created a large inflatable wall for a electronics factory, we thought about whether the fans could interfere with the electronics and how to eliminate contamination from airborne particles which could potentially led to production delays while we sorted the problems out.
Third: How do you know that what you think you are going to receive is what you will actually receive?
I am an architect by trade and our team of professionals has spent years talking to customers who have only an idea of what they want. That background helps us suck out your requirements as a result of walking through a detailed brief.
Think about this for a moment: Architects and engineers have to be extremely detailed people. For instance, you cannot create the design for a house, building or other project and forget any of the critical elements. You are trained to think of everything from which way the sun sets, the gradient of the land, future plans, materials environment etc.
We bring this experience to your inflatables project to ensure everything goes to plan.

Question #6:
Can you provide me with technical drawings and visualizations of what you propose before we proceed?

Without an exact image of exactly what you are going to end up with, how do you know that what you have in mind is the same thing your inflatables company has in mind? Get this wrong and it could cost you thousands of dollars and impact the success of your project and even jeopardize your business.
The key is to ensure you are both on the same page. You want to work with a company who provides you with this confidence from the beginning to ensure there are no surprises down the track.
We hate surprises. That’s why we’ll build a computer model of our proposal with technical drawings describing our proposal before signing off on your project. You’ll practically see the end result before you invest a cent.

Question #7:
Do you guarantee the quality and accuracy of your Inflatable products?

When you move forward with us, you are protected by not just one,
but three different ways......

Guarantee # 1: Your Custom designed Inflatable product is guaranteed to be made to represent the exact image and specification provided in the computer model and specifications you receive before proceeding with the project.
Guarantee # 2: Your Custom Inflatable is guaranteed to be designed specifically to meet its mission critical requirements and is therefore produced with the highest quality materials and production techniques available specifically matched to those requirements.
Guarantee # 3: Your Giant Inflatable is guaranteed to arrive before the agreed deadline.
In fact, should you in any way be dissatisfied with our product or service, we will rectify it at no further expense to you. Fair enough?
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