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Ezy Shelter
Create your temporary space wherever you need it most!
Ezy shelter range of Inflatable workstations and shelters
suitable uses include.....

Market store                                                    Dry storage room

Field shelter                                                    Site office                                             

Vehicle shelter                                                 Workshop


Event personnel shelter                                     Display Space

Security post or search checkpoint                     Media briefing room   

Signage applicators shelter                                Animal checking clinic

Soda blasting/Sand blasting workshop                Panel beating/Painting booth

Vehicle servicing              Car washing               Machinery assembly

Quick response and emergency shelter               Triage or medical check unit.

At a glance
EzS 4030- 4m long x 3m wide
EzS 6030- 6m long x 3m wide
EzS 7045- 7m long x 4.5m wide


On location as a portable multi purpose inflatable shelter for a savvy operator, or remote or site service technician.
Ezy Shelter -
Inflatable building or workshop is unlike anything else on the market.
The Ezy Shelter
portable workstations fulfills the mission critical need to do your work in any weather,
on site, on location at your customer or away from your home base.
The designers have put a
lot of thought into how one person can erect this by remote inflation & then easily pack it away!

Ezy-Shelterrange of inflatable take anywhere space solutions are designed for the savvy mobile technician or service
crew, mobile field services and paramilitary requirements. The
Ezy-Shelterrange of workstations, fill the need to work
in a protected, safe and controlled environment while outdoors on site. They are designed to protect the service man and
vehicle or his work piece from the rain, sun and dust while on site doing his job.

Ezy-Shelteris a lightweight portable air inflated workstation. It is constructed of industrial grade vinyl coated nylon fabric
which is treated to be both UV and flame resistant. The shelter is inflated by a heavy duty fan which operates on normal
household current, truck battery, generator.

Ezy-Shelter is designed to operate in all weather conditions providing the technician a dry, clean, and well-illuminated environment. Because it is portable, it allows the technician to move his controlled environment from work site to
work site. When properly secured,
can withstand winds of 42km/h.

TheEzy Shelter3030is perfect to protect your valuable assets and personnel from the harsh and damaging 
sun and to keep them dry in the rain or snow. It will also keep your vehicle cool and clean. The EZs3030 is
3m wide by 3m long and 2.6m high. It weighs only 24kg with an internal blower. Doors are not included with
this unit, but can be an added option.
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Why an INFLATABLE shelter?

An inflatable workshop or inflatable tent is compact, simple and is erected by inexperienced personnell
in minutes by the push of a button. By using air
for support, set up time is rapid and there is no
need for cumbersome poles or damaging ground
stakes. Pack up time is also quick. An experienced technician can set up a
Ezy-Shelteris less thanfive minutes. Actual inflation time for the EzS4030 is under one minute.
Packs up takes about ten minutes.

EzS 4030

Our smallest model. It fits in a car boot, self inflates in seconds and is the easiest thing to handle and setup.
Ideally suited as a......

Market store     Field shelter     Vehicle shelter

Event personnel shelter     Security post or search checkpoint

Signage applicators shelter

EZs 6030

Workshop                                                  Caterers food prep area

Field shelter                                               Temporary farm shed

Vehicle shelter                                            Rally/racing car garage

Event personnel shelter                               Temporary production space

Security post or search checkpoint                Temporary storeroom

Signage applicators shelter                          Car wash bay

Our standard Model EzS7045-Shelter is an inflatable frame shelter or portable workstation that will meet most needs.
One car plus two workers fit comfortably inside. You can also fit part of a car in from both ends because each end has a
functional door.

Inside dimensions are 3m wide by 7m – long by 
3-m tall.                     

Dimension when packed is .6m x.6m lx .7m &
weighs 35kg

The blower weighs 8kg.

Each end has a fabric door. These can be left open and rolled away, closed and zippered shut.

Included with the shelter is a the 900w inflation fan, 10 tie down straps, 2 vehicle parking pads, pack up bag, repair kit, instructions, and a one year warranty.


The cavernous internal space of this new modelEzy Shelter 7045is 7m x 4.5m and is well illuminated. The long tinted
side windows are positioned just at the right height to offer privacy and a high level of UV filtered direct light. While the view
of the blue sky adds to the lofty space feeling one has inside. What makes it even more attractive is that the
Ezy Shelter 7045isavailable with full digital color branding at no extra cost. This means that you can be noticed while on site.

There are a wide range of optional extras which include. . . .

Clear doors for even greater internal light

‘Easy load’ trolley that makes packing onto a Ute or van a simple no strength operation

Air extract cowlings for operations that create dust and mist.
These are made to fit to various filter and dust extraction systems

Clean air intake filter mounting pockets.

High Visibility markings.

Blast and spark screens.

Multi unit joining sleeves.

Shelter 7045an ideal site workshop for....
Soda blasting               Sand blasting                 Panel beating               Painting
Vehicle servicing           Car washing                 Vehicle signing Machinery assembly

        Ezy Shelter 7045a perfect all weather shelter for....
          soda blasting booth
             Road maintenance shed               Food Prep area          Demonstration space

Security command centre       Event tent           Welding booth       Surface laying contractors

         Ezy Shelter 7045adds more space when you need....

At your factory              Panel shop                    Site office                     Produce Store

Furniture storage          Building site                   Picket line                     Service centre

The design looks smart and practical with full color branding as part of the deal. It is supplied as a complete ready to operate
system. It is the most versatile frame structure inflatableshelter on the market today.


TheEzy Shelter 7045is the latest addition to the popular range of Ezy shelters inflatable building and inflatable soda . It is ideal for an on-site soda/sand
blasting, spray-paint technician or panel beater. It was specially  developed to offer additional space to work around a vehicle
or to offer protection from the elements when laying surfaces, It is light enough to easily move when inflated and spacious
enough to have ample space around a SUV or utility van.

It is supplied with the option for clear [for additional light] or standard zip-up doors at either end, or windows along both sides.


It is spacious enough to have ample working space around a SUV or Utility van.

Inside dimensions are 4.5m wide by 7m – long by 3m tall.

Each end has optional color matching fabric or clear doors. These can be left open and rolled away, or closed and zippered shut.

The shelter weighs 58kg.

The blower weighs 14kg and is rated at 1200W.

The shelter has 10 tie down straps, 2 vehicle parking pads, continuous side skirts for additional ballast, set up jigs, pack up bag,
repair kit, instructions, and a one year warranty.
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