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Plant maintenance

Fixing pipes and pipelines.
Pressure testing of pipelines.
Servicing ducts and hoppers.
Service and repair of Furnace vessels and boilers.
Drain blocking.
Heavy and sensitive lifting.
Space sealing for fumigation.
Temporary work areas.


Inflatable products are used in a wide variety of maintenance operations in industry from duct sealing with inflatable duct cushions  to furnace inspection with fall arrest platforms, temporary space creation with inflatable buildings and workshops and temporary space partitioning and dividers with inflatable walls or sealing with inflatable pipe plugs called Plug - Up plugs for isolation and  fumigation.

Innovative, cost saving inflatable industrial solutions to common problems in plant, machinery and property  maintenance have been developed using inflatable industrial  technologies – one such innovative design has been incorporated into the general maintenance programs for companies such a Visy. The FISP or ‘Furnace Inspection Safety Platform’ is used to make their furnace Vessel safe from falling debris and matter during routine maintenance.
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Other uses of inflatable maintenance products.
Drain blocking – using inflatable pipe plugs,for protection and  isolation of contaminates from entering a drainage  
    system during wash down,fumigation or accidental spills.
? Safe replacement of filters in cyclones by temporary blocking of the  containment vessel or hopper from falling tools and fastenings by  the use of inflatable duct cushions and Plug - up plugs.
? Blocking water flow during repair of pipes and pipelines.
? Lifting of machines or aircraft, trucks, trailers or rolling stock using lifting cushions.
? Creating barrier walls to contain vapors using inflatable walls and inflatable barriers.
? Creation of temporary working space in the form of inflatable 
    workshop or inflatable assembly shelters and inflatable store rooms.
? Custom designed product to do a specific job or fill an important role  in the maintenance procedure.

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